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Third Year Capstone - Unreal Game Assets II - Bathroom Set

Part 2 of the Double Agent asset set.

As part of my Third Year Capstone, I collaborated with students in the Game Development program to produce a co-op stealth multiplayer game named Double Agent. I was the primary surfacing artist on the project, taking models produced by the team's two modelers and making them work in Unreal with their texture maps and materials. We utilized heavy Material Instancing based on a master PBR material created by our technical artist, which was modified further to accommodate toggle-able emissives, alphas and adjustable colour tint & adjustable roughness/metalness. The textures are mildly channel-packed, with AO, Metalness and Roughness combined into a single .png file for efficiency.

This set is the 'bathroom' set, or props that were primarily intended to decorate the world and fill out the mansion level's bathrooms, obviously. These meshes required a fair bit of problem solving to get working effectively, but in-engine they look great for what little purpose they serve game-play wise.

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April 11, 2021