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Amarna - Character Texturing Exercise

Animation test using the Mixamo rig.

Lighting test in Blender with Eevee.

As a part of my third year, first semester project, we had to practice rigging a character. Typically, we rig the character we created in second year, but since I wasn't really happy with the quality of that character, I opted to use one I had created over the summer, based on a head sculpt I had purchased from Niyazi Selimoglu. I re-topologized the head, horns and gave her a body and hair, and I did go on to create a rig for her in Maya, but for the purposes of testing animations in Blender, I used Adobe's Mixamo site for a quick and comprehensive rig.

When I was texturing her in Substance, I had the vision of a nature-esque alien, but the bio-luminescent aspect of her didn't come in until very late in the process, when I was trying to tie her whole appearance together. It makes for a fantastic and eye-catching detail, especially in dramatic lighting, and I couldn't be more happy with how it-- And she --turned out.

Check out the original sculptor here, they have many fantastic busts for sale right on Artstation;

March 19, 2021