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'We Are Legion' - Robot Deity Character Concept

Revisited an old second-year college project of a 2D character concept -- I remember working on this early in the pandemic from home, watching a ton of horror content to try and keep myself stimulated. I think it really influenced the concept and design of this character, which also draws a bit from my favorite science-fiction influences like Blade Runner.

The idea behind the 'Robot Deity' was that this character lives in a time after humanity has fallen, where the robots and simulacra we built and left behind now rule the earth. In their search to find meaning in their lives, they construct their own 'God', a facsimile of what they think to be holy, and they will be the hierophant that would bear all of their sins and trauma of this machine race that has nothing left. That's sort of why I imagine this entity is stuck, pinned and wired, forever trapped by its own creators, to fill their theocratic void.

It was... A lot for a concept! But I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope that shows!

October 19, 2021