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Third Year Capstone - Dwarven Axe

The companion to my own Dwarven Helmet as part of my Capstone, I originally obtained this Dwarven Axe model via the 3D Artist's Colouring Book, an initiative created by Thomas Smith to motivate more beginner artists to explore the niche of 3D texturing (particularly in Substance Painter). I found the courses a lot of fun to drop in and out of as a more experienced artist, picking and choosing which models to tackle and experimenting with a more heavily-stylized aesthetic. The model came with textures baked in Substance, leaving myself with a blank canvas in which to experiment, and this is what I came up with.

I elected to render in Eevee as a way to learn the engine, which was certainly well worth the effort! I will probably be rendering everything in Blender going forward (just one more thing to add to the 'doing that in Blender' pile!)

The axe's modeller is Zachary Hixson, and the original concept was drawn by Becca Hallstedt, though I modified the colours of my own attempt at the axe, of course. Still, check out the original model/drawn concept, as both were superbly done!

Zachary's model:
Becca's concept:

This is a companion piece to my Dwarven Helmet, check that out here!

March 19, 2021